Thursday, April 14, 2005

The EU constitution though passage through Europe expected.

With referendums coming up in Ireland and the UK, will they be passed? The UK is looking unlikely, but could Ireland have a repeat of the Nice debacle?

With 4 countries (Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania passing the treaty in parliament and Spain by referendum) there are still 21 countries to go with referendums in 8 more countries will it be passed and more importantly do we need an EU constitution???

A new opinion poll today shows that France is looking less likely to pass the constitution then thought in previous polls. But when have polls been completely accurate?

Italy has been the latest country to ratify the treaty. It passed the treaty in parliament on the 7th of April

Austria - Parliament
Belgium - Parliament
Cyprus - Parliament
Czech Republic - Possible Referendum
Denmark - Referendum 27 September 2005
Estonia - Parliament
Finland - Parliament
France - Referendum 29 May 2005
Germany - Parliament
Greece - Parliament
Hungary- Parliament (Approved 20 December 2004)
Ireland - Referendum
Italy - Parliament (Approved 7 April 2005)
Latvia - Parliament
Lithuania - Parliament (Approved 11 November 2004)
Luxembourg - Consultative Referendum 10 July 2005
Malta - Parliament
Netherlands - Consultive Referendum 1 June 2005
Poland - Probable Referendum
Portugal - Referendum October 2005
Slovakia - Parliament
Slovenia - Parliament
Spain - Referendum (Passed 20 february 2005, 76.7% YES)
Sweden - Parliament
United Kingdom - Referendum 2006?

Click the link below for more information on the draft constitutional treaty


  1. Stephen

    that website is horribly broken in places (some would say not unlike the treaty :D )

    That list appears to be faulty too (Denmark's referendum didn't happen and the rejections by Netherlands (consultative) and France (binding) aren't mentioned - quelle surprise)

  2. hey Amrk,

    This is an old post from 2005 and at the time that was the bet website and it was an offical website. You may have found this post as i have switched to beta to add labels to my post's


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