Friday, December 15, 2006

Re:Hatefull bebo page

Remember yesterday I posted about this crowd. Will this today one of the members left a 'lovely' comment on my bebo page which went as follows

ur a faggit

Well I must admit I admire his powers of perception because it would be very difficult to see that I was a homosexual from my bebo page! So not only are they racist, but their homophobic also. Why do these always seam to go hand in hand, I suppose hate breeds hate.

I posted back the guy who left that comments page the following

wow, well done! at least try and argue intelligently as name calling wont get you anywhere in politics! Believe me.


Oh i love the way u support a racist grouping on bebo, yet all the artist you link to above arent Irish!

god cant you smell the sarcasm! I also reposted on the Group page a challenge!

Please dont stoop to name calling on my bebo page. At least have some guts to debate your position on immigration in Ireland!

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  1. Love the whole anti-english stance when one of them has a Man U badge as part of his profile pic


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