Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Use of the Irish Language

Dia Dhuit!

I had my first full conversation as gaeilge in ages today with a fellow member of a resource centre in Cork, and I love it!!

Its a pity that people dont use the language. I would say Polish is spoken more then Irish in Ireland!

To encourage the reading and writing of Irish I'm goin to post up a list of Irish Language Blogs in hopes of encouraging the language online and a few websites I use.


Seo Panu ag labhairt
Ag Smaoineamh
n Spailp�n F�nach
Arm R�nda na Gaeilge
Ach go háirithe
An Líonra Sóisialta

***this is not an exhaustive list as im too lazy to search for every blog that is in Irish***

Useful Websites

***again this is not an exhaustive list***

Slan go foil!

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