Monday, April 14, 2008

EPP Meet in Dublin: Who was there?

So there has been a bit about Merkel's trip to Dublin for the EPP meeting co-chaired by Enda Kenny and President of the EPP, Wilfried Martens.

So who else was there?

The Minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme was there along with the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Malta, Tonio Borg. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Radek Sikorski, Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, Yannis Valinakis, Minister of the Czech Republic, Cyril Svoboda, and Foreign Affairs Minister of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Antonio Milososki also attended.

The following party leaders also attended, the leader of GERB (Bulgaria), Boyko Borissov; the Chairman of TS-LK (Lithuania), Andrius Kubilius; the Chairman of the CDA Group in the Dutch Parliament, Pieter Van Geel; along with the Chairman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, Joseph Daul.

Sounds like a fun party?

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