Sunday, September 07, 2008

EDC: Well done Poland!

Lats night I forgot (shock) that the Eurovision Dance Contest was on though I did end up watching it after dinner! What an excellent show. I only saw it live from Grece's entry, who were entry number 11) but caught up on all the entries with the catch up and the the group dance which was an excellent idea! The voting was exciting and with it between Denmark (who were great too) and Poland vying for the high points at the start but then Poland just ran away with it finishing on 154 points! Russia came second! Ireland who came third last year came 4th last this year (11th) with 40 points!

Below is a clip of the winning dance! From the moment I saw it I knew it would win! I loved the fact they used a Micheal Jackson song and it was so lively and they looked like they had a great time too! :D


I'm lookiong forward to Warsaw in 2009!

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(Polish translation from

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  1. I heard that Ireland were pretty dismal.. Some guy from Ros na Run was on it? What the hell, like..


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