Monday, October 06, 2008

Films I'm Going to See

I blogged recently about the Cork Film Festival and today I became a member and got my programme! And what a programme! I actually have the week off work so I will be immersed in film for the week!

So my plan for the week is to see these films:

Sun 12th
Burn After Reading - 8:30pm Opera House. If i can get tickets for it SOLD OUT! :(

Mon 13th

Tues 14th
Japanese Animation Programme - 1:00pm Triskel
Mexican Shorts 1 - 4:30pm Kino

Weds 15th
Spinnin' - 3:00pm Triskel
Blindness - 8:30pm Opera House

Thurs 16th

Fri 17th
Walk Like a Man - 5:00pm Triskel
Brideshead Revisited - 7:00pm Gate

Sat 18th
Mise Aerach - Irish Lesbian and Gay Shorts - 1:00pm Gate
A Nightmare Before Chirstmas 3D Maybe! 2:30pm Gate
Secret Hiding Place + Two Men and Two Babies - 7:00pm Triskel
The Good, The Bad and the Weird - 11:30pm Opera House Its on Monday according to the website.... Back to Saturday according to the booking website!

Sun 19th
Men's Shorts - 3:00pm Kino

And that is it! I really want to see the film All My Life on Tuesday at 9:00pm in the Triskel, but can't as I have college :(

Should be a fun week and may try my hand at reviewing a few of the films!

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