Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lists - Irish Indo

Yesterdays Irish Indo had two lists of interest to me and maybe to others also so I will put em up here!

The first is a list of price increase that will affect a family earning €60,000 with two adults and two children.

Gas and Electricity: €300
Income Levy: €600
VHI from January: €442
VAT: €360
Less mortgage tax relief: €300
Failure to index tax credits: €286
Parking tax: €150
Other (waste, charges, transport, etc): €360
TOTAL €2,998

That is a lot of money to be in down and means average family spending will be down putting pressure across a whole range of sectors.

The second list is of Council Debt. The top 10 are

1 Dublin City Council - €924,228,117
2 Cork County Council - €446,737,725
3 Fingal County Council - €409,885,991
4 South Dublin County Council - €211,509,469
5 Cork City Council - €153,654,644
6 Kildare County Council - €144,883,251
7 Galway City Council - €135,076,617
8 Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council - €127,047,388
9 Donegal County Council - €116,397,195
10 Clare County Council - €111,794,617

In total all the local councils owe 4.4bn which means councils owe €1,037 for every man, woman and child in the state. If this dosent mean that how councils should be funded, I dont know what will!

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