Friday, November 28, 2008

New Blogs

Okay most of these blogs aren't strictly new, but they are new to my blogroll! Check these people out!

Trust Tommy: This young fella appeared all over the bloggersphere today! Fairplay and hes only 14! A very interesting blog and one to watch me thinks!

Turbulence Ahead: This blog is written by Gerard O'Neill of Amarach Research. Mainy about economics a subject I am finally starting to understand! It has taken an near world recession for that to happen! An interesting blog and one that I am learning from!

Strange Maps: This blog has me amazed. They regularly find a strange map and explain it! Love it! A blog I love to see appear in my feed!

Russells Random Thoughts: So this one is a complete plug and is about a new blog! It is by my boyfriend Russell! His first post is about how he thought me M:TG! I am a quick learner he says!

Enjoy the blogs! Feel free to point out any new ones to me in comment section!


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