Monday, November 10, 2008

UCC LGBT's Civil Partnership Debate

UCC LGBT this Wednesday will be hosting a Debate on the Government's proposed Civil Partnership Bill. It's on at 8:00pm in Boole 1 on Thursday if anyone is interested in heading along. (Facebook Event) The motion that will be debated will be "This House believes that Civil Partnership will create a 'marriage apartheid' in Ireland". An interesting subject. Senator Dan Boyle will be speaking against the motion and speaker from the MarriagEquality campaign group will be there to speak for it.

While I'm all for debates I'm not sure if it's worth my while going considering the room will be fairly biased for the motion, but I am tempted to go along and speak against the motion. But I'll see how I am after work on Thursday. If I do go I will be twitting the meeting!


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