Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am a Fan!

Ceiling FanImage by elston via FlickrAlexia Golez is a fan of a few things and her post has given me the idea for this post!

So what am I a fan of?

# Damien Mulley: He was the person that (unbeknowst to him) inspired me to start blogging. One of the first blogs I check every day.
# This is one of my favourite web apps and they recently revamped the website and its better then ever! I love the way you can share what you have shortened!
# Google Reader: If it wasnt for google reader I would be forever searching the internet for blogs, I love its recommendations even if I do worry that it checks my emails..
# Cork OpenCoffee Club: This has opened me up to a whole new set of contacts who have spured me on and have helped with through informal conversations or tweeting later on!
# Twitter: Twitter rocks as do the people I interact on it who help out with problems and point me in the direction of interesting news among other things.

So what are you a fan of?

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  1. lol! dont think that would make my list!


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