Monday, December 08, 2008

New Blogs - 8/12/08

So I went on a bit of a cleanup of my blogroll and added a few blogs that I am now subbed too. Here are a few of the new ones I added. Two of these bloggers make me feel old...

Alan Costello
Alan is a 17 year old student from Leixlip. He has a cool blog about music and tech (both of which I love) among ther stuff.
Contrar is a blog by @endac, who puts my knowledge of webstuff to shame and hes only a teenager! He was at Cork Open Coffee but only fleetingly so didnt get to chat to up which was a pity

Joe Scanlon
I met Joe at Cork Open Coffee and is organising the Cork Bloggers Christmas thing! Gotta link him!

UCC LGBT have a blog of whats coming up around the college to do with the soc. Check it out!

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