Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nominations are open

So says Mulley and the Irish Bloggersphere is alight with it!

So what are the Categories for the Irish Blog Awards? There are 20 of them.

* Best Popculture blog
* Best Blog from a Journalist
* Best Food/Drink Blog
* Best Fashion Blog
* Best Arts and Culture Blog
* Best Political Blog
* Best Group Blog
* Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
* Best Technology Blog/Blogger
* Best Sport & Recreation Blog
* Best News/Current Affairs Blog
* Best Specialist Blog
* Best Newcomer
* Best Business Blog
* Best Music Blog
* Best Personal Blog
* Best Humour Blog
* Best Photo Blog
* Best Blog Post
* Best Blog*

*Note: you cannot nominate someone for best blog, the winner of each category is put into this category.

Get Nominating!

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