Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Workout Christmas Special!

I cannot wait for this. From the Pavillion Bar's Website:

Xmas Workout Special with DJ BROZ
Live Upstairs
Sun, December 21st, 10.00pm

DJ BROZ returns to Corcaigh from his new home in Holland...Workout attained a bit of legendary status years ago… by being a lean mean Hit factory of high energy 137 disco heaven tunes.... also touching you in places no-one had before with tear jerking power ballads ,torch songs and spontaneous outcrys from the vocal chords of Broz...Once described as ireland only male Diva...broz had being the front man! for the ever smoochie SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. Workout became Broz’s Dj den...Tina turner,Grace jones,Chic,Desireless as well as some stuff that is so cheesy we cant even write it down for fear of retribution from lovers of good music..

DJ Broz played at Cork Pride last year and was amazing! Workout used to be in the Savoy on a Sunday night. Very tempted to do.

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