Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Blogs - 18/1/09 (Young Bloggers Edition)

I recently came across two young Irish Bloggers and I think it is only right that they are shared!

The firts is Girls Thoughts (who actually has a picture of me on her blog!). It is a lovely site. She was very brave and got up on stage and said a few words, something I am always nervous about! So well done to her and check it up!

The other blog is a photoblog by Rebecca, called Eyes of a Child. Rebecca is McaWilliams daughter and has obviously inherited her fathers love of photograhy! She has taken some great photos so do check it out!

Do you know of any other young bloggers?

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  1. I'm a young blogger! ;-)

    Only been around the clock...... how many times?

  2. Hehehe! I know that feeling GrannyMar! TeenCamp made me feel slighty old, esp as when chatting with some I realised I did my Leaving Cert 5 years ago!!!


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