Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steve's Five-A-Day 10/2/09

The local waffle type in BrusselsImage via Wikipedia

Tuesday, that second day of the working week, and my first day back to work. So here is some interesting stuff I have been looking at this evening.

1. Alan Costello introduces TeenCoffee, best of luck. Looking forward to a Cork one
2. Sully reminds me why I never log into bebo.
3. Irish Election looks at banks loaning each others - tut tut Irish Life And Permament
4. GayPatriotWest on GayPatriot tells us why he is not supporting Obama's Stimulus.
5. EurActiv looks at problems in Belgium with some Flemish Municipalties refusing to hold European Elections. The commission is threatening them with Court actions unless it is resloved.

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