Sunday, February 01, 2009

Steve's Five-A-Day 1/2/09

Hello! Welcome to the first five a day of February. The Th!ink About it Competition is on from today so furture five a days may include interesting links to that (but not to my posts!). So some reading for a Sunday.

1. Darragh Doyle takes a look at Alternative Miss Ireland.
2. Eurozone Watch take a look at the change of mood in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty
3. Eamonn has a lovely post on the start of spring, not sure if the weather here though is paying attention to the calender
4. TapMag looks at Germany's reaction to taking some of the Guantanamo detainees
5. Polling Report have an interesting post on the latest poll in Scotland.


  1. Hey Stephen, cheers or the inclusion! Hope you liked the post. Great find on TapMag :)

  2. no bother Darragh, really enjoyed the post!

    Tapmag was found through my friend geeks OPML file! :D


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