Thursday, February 05, 2009

Steve's Five-A-Day 5/2/09

So back into this for another bout of reading. Someone commented lately that I read too much, I think its more that I spend too much time online!

1. All Kinds of Everything reflect on the songs selected for Eurovision so far
2. Gerard O'Neil warns of the dangers of calling for "Irish for Irish Workers"
3. EurActiv points out five EU Commissioners who may run for the EU Parliament, they would be a great asset to the Parliament if elected in my opinion.
4. European Voice look at the challenges in selecting the next European Commission
5. Guido calls on Dave Cameron to give the Hugh Grant Speech

Other Stuff:
Check out, brilliant video and also calling for support for the hurling players protest on Saturday.

Also on Saturday is a Book Swap Day all day in Cork City Library

Saturday also sees the M:TG Conflux Release event in UCC, which I will be attending. Starts at 11am

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