Monday, January 28, 2008

Rant: Treaty of Lisbon, Debate so far

I am majorly pissed off over the coverage of debate on this treaty (both blogs and the media!). The majority of coverage has either been negative or about the no camp! I find this amazing the fact that the poll at the weekend from tns/MRBI for the Irish Times showed 66% of Irish voters have yet to decide how to vote in the planned referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

People who are in favour of the treaty need to be out there saying why Ireland should pass this treaty or else we could find ourseleves with a repeat of the Nice debacle. That would reflect badly on Ireland.

I think it is time the papers (and bloggers) looked at their stance on the EU and started pushing for a yes vote. So instead of being hypocritical and just ranting and doing nothing, today I will start a series of posts on why we should Vote Yes to the Treay of Lisbon!

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  1. It seems to me that the only reason that Ireland has such a bad name is because it was the only country whose citizens actually had an opportunity to vote on this treaty, and the no vote pretty much scraped through, didn't it? After all, wasn't the treaty rejected by referendums in other EU countries in its previous form. It seems to me a bit unfair and possibly a form of blackmail to single out the Irish as being spoilsports


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