Friday, November 07, 2008

I Love Cork OpenCoffee Club

Well today I went along to my first Cork OpenCoffee Club in Luigi Malones and I loved it! Why did I love it? Well I got to meet really interesting people like Gordon Murray of eWrite, Anthony Glavin of ClubW and Micheal Kane of Curious Wines (whos logo rocks!!) to name but a few. I learned so much today about IT and various projects in Cork and beyond (such as Beyond: Targets by Tom Doherty in Waterford (who also bought the coffee! Thank you!!!)). I also got a chance to push this blog and to talk about services I like such as Twitter (think we may have gotten a few signups there), and Friendfeed. I also got inspiration for things such as a new blog which I am going to start work on later today so I will keep you posted!

So if you are interested in IT in Cork or just have a passing interest like myself do come to the OpenCoffee Club! Its great and everyone is really nice there!

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