Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, I think I am finally recovered after my trip to Brussels and it was amazing. I met amazing people!

There was fantastic talks and I will share some of my thoughts on them in later blogposts.

My only problem with the event was the fact my baggage didnt arrive till Monday!! Luckily a friend of mine had recently moved to Brussels and actually had a shirt that fitted me!

The two days of the event were great (when I recovered from the dancing on Sunday night), i met some really interesting people, including the other two participants from Ireland.

I got to know really cool people from around Europe (who have all being adding me on Facebook! - thanks guys!) and have found about really cool events around Europe for the elections. Expect some interesting posts!

Oh and my baggage made it back home in one go thanks to the hepful ground crew in Brussels International Airport who put a priority sticker on my bag when I explained to them my situuation! - Huge thanks to them!

I still must upload my pictures and stuff and write posts on the talks but that will have to wait until atleast Sunday when I start my spring week - holidays yay!

The Picture is from the EJC, It was taken on the Monday

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  1. Hi Stephen, great to meet you! Looking forward to comparing notes with you on the Irish EP Election.

  2. Yes it shall be interesting! just once you realise my notes will bbe highly partisan!


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