Friday, January 23, 2009

EU News Sources

In trawling through the Think About It blog, there is a interesting post on News Sources. I had heard of most of them before like EUobserver, International Herald Tribune Europe, Euractiv, BBC - Europe, Financial Times, European Voice and The Economist - Europe. Most of these I am subbed too or visit on occassion.

But the post also points in the direction of ones I didn't know existed! One of those is Euro¦Topics which presents a daily round up of news from around Europe. It translate them into English, French, Spanish and German. Its really interesting to see how stories are reported across Europe. EUFeeds is a project from the EJC (who are running the competition) and is a fascinating way to see headlines in each country. It covers national papers as well as local papers. It is really interesting! EUX.TV has interesting videos on the EU as of course does the Euronews website.

For those interesting in Business and what something to complement their reading of the Economist and the FT should check out EUBusiness. For politics heads like myself The Parliament is one to check out as is NewEurope. The European Media Monitor is also one to check out, this is funded by the European Commission and is a one stop shop for EU related news.

Do you have any that I (or others) may find useful?

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