Friday, January 23, 2009

Steve's Five-A-Day - 23/1/09

reading listImage by andthenpatterns via FlickrMore reading from my reading list.

1. Sully has a great post about how to use your girlfriends. Does it work for boyfriends too?
2. Damien has a post about the National Broadband Scheme Launch. Hes a Broadband Commentator don't you know.
3. GayPatriot has an interesting post on how the "No on 8" Committee hid who was on the Committee so they could transfer the blame.
4. Guido wonders when the IMF will be called in to bail out Britain and also links to a fun game
5. Foreign Policy Passport Blog highlight Barack Obama's Cheese Problem


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  1. "Does it work for boyfriends too?" I reckon it fairly would, given the latent misogyny throughout the post!

    Thanks for the link!

  2. LOL! No bothers about the link! :)


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