Sunday, February 15, 2009

Burke gets it wrong on Lisbon

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According to RTÉ, Colm Burke MEP (FG - Ireland South) wants us to vote on Lisbon Treaty in April. But how can we??? The European Council have not agreed the text of the "necessary guarantees" that will, supposedly, get us to change our minds on the treaty.

Colm seams to be showing the effects of working in Brussels, you lose your connection to the people and only want to get your name in the paper, especially considering it is an election.

While Burke has a point when he says "It is not alarmist to state that were we not inside the Union our economic plight would mirror that of Iceland, with double digit interest rates and reliance on an International Monetary Fund bail-out"

But then he goes wrong again by suggesting the Cownen, Kenny and Gilmore should work together, but it has been stated before that, that shouldnt be done in public!

While ideas about Lisbon catch headlines, especially on a Sunday, but sometimes I wish people would think before they speak to the media.

Ireland South will be a tough battle for everyone and making suggestions that are easily rebuffed is not the way to get your name out there.

Best of luck though to Colm Burke and Sean Kelly though in the European Elections.

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