Monday, February 16, 2009

Steve's Five-A-Day 16/2/09

Monday, Mid-term here in Ireland so lots of kids wandering the streets, or are they writing blog posts??? I doubt, but some of them might be! Some reading today

1. Anthony of Public Inquiry explains what a "caputured regulator" is. Have to agree with him that the Irish bank watchdog is one!
2. Slugger tells us that Senator Cannon (former PD Leader) could end up in Labour! WTF?!?!
3. Panti has an excellent piece on activism (or lack thereof) in the Gay Community and support from others.
4. Julien Frisch tells us why the French are pushing French as a working language... Sarkozy no speaky english.
5. Guido points out that the curse of Jonah Brown is not going away!

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