Monday, February 23, 2009

I've Lost followers

Yesterday I had 17 followers on this blog, today I have 15 :(

What did I do to offend two people? I dont know, but I dont think they unfollowed because Gamma recently asked in a comment why I unfollowed him (I didnt) and when I went to check I wasnt a follower but the only option there was to unfollow him! Hmm When I checked the blogger twitter account I found the reason, they are integrating it with friend connect and things have been hidden for privacy reasons. Hopefully it will all sort out soon.

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  1. Good to be warned! - it happened to me as well, but I knew I should not worry thanks to your post :-)

  2. No problem Vlad! :)

  3. Hopefully it will let me comment this time around... I've tried for the last few days and the captcha thing wasn't showing up. Just wanted to apologise for accusing you of deserting me, I'm not that egotistical honest! No really! lol

  4. Yes, I got emailed about the Captcha thing, its disabled now! :) I was intrigued to why I wasnt following you! The new friend connect yoke has me all confused though :(

  5. I knew I was not the only one suffering from Captcha! :-)

    Steve, can you explain what's all the idea about that friend connect thing when you get to understand it? it's so confusing!

  6. Vlad, im in the same boat, im on default anonymous on all blogs I follow, im too lazy to go to EACH and EVERY one and change it! hopefully someone will explain it...


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