Tuesday, March 03, 2009

FG Gains a Councillor

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So Cork County Councillor Deirdre Forde (Carrigaline/Harbour Electoral Area) has switched from Fianna Fail to Fine Gael. She has many reasons to do so, but the on that isn't mentioned in the Press Release is her main reason for changing.

In the PR she gives her reasons as follows:

Over the last number of months I have sensed that the current Government were moving in a direction that I was not happy with. The Budget in October was the first time that this really struck me when I saw the attempt to take the medical card off OAPs. Subsequent decisions on education supports for special needs children and the provision of cervical cancer vaccination for teenage girls confirmed for me that the wrong people were being asked to pay the price for a faltering economy.

"Having made numerous attempts to speak to senior Party figures about my concerns it became obvious to me that I was not going to be able to effect the type of change that both I, and others, would have liked to have seen.

But is that really the reason?? No.

The real reason is that Fianna Fail have selected Michéal Martin twin brother (whos name escapes me) to run in the same ward. Cllr Forde felt that he was being goven more help and support by head office then she was. This boils down to her taking these personally and then seeing what way the wind was blowing and jumping ship.

This has actual all been played out in the Cork Eveing Echo over the last few months and I was not surprised that she switched. I am surprised that it took this long! Any way best of luck to Cllr Deirdre Forde and to the other Fine Gael Candidates in that ward Cllr John Collins, Cllr Timothy Lombard, and Mr David O'Byrne.

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  1. stephen....ever cross ur mind...that this is a trap....forde gets elected thru fg and once has her seat switches back to ff...therefore she does not have to go up against martin...realisitcally ff will get one seat not 2...so one must ask themselves....what is this really about...one cannot trusst turncoats! once a ff always a ff! i dont trust it! i dont trust her! i feel there is an alternative motive! she soent really care what party loyalty is ....all she wants is her seat and the ££££££ and to have her face out there to be seen...after all she didnt spend all that money on plastic surgery for nothing!!!:) ha


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