Monday, October 15, 2007

USI Mess

Well I read with much disappointment what happened at National Council in Galway. I must say though that USI is worse off without Steven Conlon. I had the pleasure of working for two years with Steven when he was on LGBT Working Group and when he was LGBT Rights officer. I am sure Steven had the best intentions when he wrote the memo. Its a pity that it was leaked and he had to resign.

When Steven was LGBT RO he revitalised the campaign and we got sooo much coverage due to his hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steven, and I know he will go far whatever he ends uo doing due to his hard work ethic and skills.

USI has a lot of work to do now, it always did. The LGBT Campaign was and still is the most high profile part of the union. USI needs to go back to its roots.

Thats all I will say on the matter, apart from UCC SU are in a bot of trouble with there class council

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