Monday, November 03, 2008

Cork South Central LEA: FG running two candidates!!!

Yes, I am delighted! I attended the Cork South Central convention last Friday in Ballphehane Community Centre. I did keep people on twitter informed of the happenings at it. At the Convention both sitting Councillor Denis (Dino Cregan) and Emmet O'Halloran seeked nominations and I was delighted when we were told that we would be running two candidates, something which I had hoped for!

Best of luck to the two candidates who gave brilliant speeches on the night. Its down to hard graft and knocking no doors now!

A little info on the candidates:
Denis Cregan is a former Senator and former Lord Mayor Cork. He has been on Cork City Council since 1979 and is deeply committed to Cork and local democracy. He is best known for being the proprietor of "Dino's" a fast food chain.

Emmet O'Halloran is 26 years old and is Chairman of Turners Cross Community Association. He was appointed a Local Area Rep back in June and has worked hard since and in fact I have just got a leaflet in the door from him!

Again best of luck!

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