Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indo Poll Results

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There is an IMS Poll in the Indo tomorrow and the Results are quite interesting. The headline figures are: Fine Gael are on 30%, Fianna Fail are on 25%, Labour are on 22%, Greens are on 5%, Sinn Fein are on 7% and Independents are on 10%.

In terms of Government satisfaction only 10% of respondents are satisfied compared with 86% dissatisfied with the Government.

On the question of a General Election 52% of people want an election while 40% do not one.

This is the first IMS poll to show FG ahead and the 6th poll to show FG in the lead. More interesting times ahead.

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  1. Who would want the job?

  2. A good point, but I think anyone would do a better job then FF!


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