Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it right that a Political Party Owns

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I was contacted after a tweet by Mark Coughlan about the ownership of a .ie domain. The Domain in is and it is, according to the IE Domain Registry owned by the Irish Labour Party and is registered as a "Discretionary Name"

If you visit the site you get redirected to Labours homepage? Now is it right that a political party owns this and redirects it to their site? I don't think so? I am not saying that as a party political hack (what use would Fine Gael or Fianna Fail have for that site) but as a former Gay Activist (I've toned it down an awful lot, most of my activism is by me for me now a days). No political party should own that domain.

While I agree Labour LGBT and the Labour Party in general have been a fantastic supporter of the Gay Community and Gay Rights, but does it give them the right to this domain? I don't think so!

GLEN or the NGLF or some sort of Gay community or a website to co-ordinate all the other ones should be on that domain. It should not be a redirect to the Labour Home Page!

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  1. Oh my, that's a bit more than ridiculous indeed!

  2. aint it just! never heard of anything like it!

  3. They are but letters in the alphabet? Storm in a teacup and I'd say it no matter which group owned it political or not!! It's a bit Web 1.0 to think is hyper significant.

  4. but Suzy what about those who arent really up with web 2.0 (I know I only think I am). If labour used it to make a website around LGBT issues, there would be no problems, even if it was Labour LGBT, but just to have it as a redirect to the main Labour page is a bit much like, in my opinion.


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